La Nichelcrom Acciai Inox S.p.A. rimarrà chiusa per le festività natalizie dal giorno 20-12-2019 (dalle ore 12.00) al giorno 6-1-2020 compresi.

Nichelcrom Acciai Inox S.p.A will be closed for Christmas Holidays from 20-12-2019 (starting 12pm) to 6-1-2020.


Our story

Nichelcrom Acciai Inox S.p.A. was established in 1953 by Silvio Terruzzi, who moved at mid Sixties the former seat of the Company from Milano to Sesto S. Giovanni, Via Fosse Ardeatine, on an area previously hold by a foundry.

The steadily growth of the industrial activity asked for a larger area and in 1985 a significant investment was made, opening the new plant in Via Trento 96/100, built upon an area previously belonging to Distillerie Italiane.

At the end of the Nineties, as a consequence of a further increase of the sales volume abroad, Nichelcrom also bought and modernized the dismissed area of Pirelli SAPSA in viale Rimembranze, used to stock and process quarto plates.

NICHELCROM Acciai Inox S.p.A. with almost 80 employees, is in a position to distribute its products both on the National market, as well as in and outside Europe, reaching a sales volume of approx. 40.000 tons per year.


Nichelcrom Acciai Inox S.p.A. has a steady stock capability of 50.000 tons of stainless steel in different types and sizes, distributed on an area of approx. 50.000 covered sqm. in the two owned plants:

Via Trento 96/100 (products from coils)

Viale Rimembranze 62 (quarto plates)

both located in Sesto San Giovanni (Milano - Italy).

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NICHELCROM ACCIAI INOX S.p.A. has an extensive range of machinery equipment, enabling cutting to measure and surface treatments on both coils and plates as listed herebelow.

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